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New Testament
From the 2000 Year Timeline

The critical 50 years

The first 100 years
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Gospel of Mark Acts of the Apostles

Gospel of Mark overview (poster here)

Journeys of Jesus (From Gospel of Mark)

Acts of the Apostles

New Testament Canon New Testament Canon Bible Development

New Testament Canon (Traditional)

New Testament Canon (Scholarly)

Christian bible development

Synoptic Sequences (compared) Gospel Miracle Healings Nativity Narrative

Synoptic Sequences

Synoptic Gospel Healing

Nativity Narrative

Revelation Theology Matthew compared to Luke

Book of Revelation
Apocalypse of John
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Development of theology
Derived in part, from L. Michael White's
From Jesus to Christianity

Joseph's geneology

Four Gospel Relationships   St. Paul

Gospel Relationships


Paul and Early Christian development
From the book by A. N. Wilson
Paul - The Mind of the Apostle


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